My Garage Door Services is the leading garage door spring replacement company.

As you may already know, your garage door springs are essential for the operation of your door, without these springs or a correct garage door spring replacement in Calgary, your door won’t open. If you’ve noticed that your door does not open or even budge, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a damaged or broken garage door springs.

Keep in mind that these springs are highly dangerous if tampered with by anyone other than a professional,

so reaching out to our team is highly suggested.


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Your garage door spring replacement is one of the most dangerous repairs you can do in your home, so leaving the task to a professional is essential. We know exactly how to unlatch and re-install these springs without hurting anyone, a part of being Calgarians experts. Give us a call if you expect a damaged door spring, and don’t tinker with it on your own. however



From decades in the field, we know exactly what to do when a garage door spring becomes damaged. We have the connections to order a new one, and the skill to replace the spring without causing further damage. In just an hour or two, we could have your garage door completely fixed, without you having to do a thing.


Welcome to My Garage Door Services . A local family run company based in Calgary, offering honest and quality garage door services. With many years experience of installing and repairing garage doors it is often the case that a troublesome garage door can be repaired. My Garage Doors Services will repair or install Garage door opener, Garage Door Spring, Cable Replacements. What ever your problem be assured we will give you a fixed price guarantee with no call out charge.

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